Volume 4, Issue 11 | November-December 2017 ISSN: 2395-2547

Editor's Desk

"Had Life been a time-travelling soul
and I had been living it,
I would have put much at stake
to push back some time
to allow the new seconds to breathe...
so fast they pass,
and look at my stories from close
and sigh for the better!"
That's what we do, right? We wish we could have done better in the previous year, or we could have gained more, but haven't you gained at least some fragments of experience? It's in positive, just like quantities in mathematics which can never be negative in value. For instance, you must understand that even 0.0002 is greater than any negative number.
However, I would like to keep this piece as short as possible...yeah...no sermons, dictums or laws shall I shout out! Merry Christmas to all, and reap the best out of your life without harm. Life is as good as ever. But, as they say, without a few sour moments, you shall not treasure the sweet ones! Keep away from negative addiction, work hard, love your families and friends, try to help out someone, have good food, no fists and kicks, and yes, make your country proud!
Thank you for your love for Guwahatian! I take this opportunity to acknowledge all the contributors and readers of the magazine. Keep writing, drawing and photographing, and inspire all.
Wishing you all a brilliantly charismatic winter and an upcoming new year,
The Editor,