Volume 4, Issue 11 | November-December 2017 ISSN: 2395-2547

Words in Rhyme

After He Found the Right One
- Donal Mahoney
A spelunker he was
from adolescence on
an outdoorsman
with the best equipment
exploring caves
one after the other 
shining a big flashlight
as he weaved among the
stalactites and stalagmites
saying he would never
explore another cave 
once he found the right one
the one he found at forty
when he got married 
and settled down.

Nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart prizes, Donal Mahoney has had poetry and fiction published in various publications in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Donal Mahoney, a native of Chicago, lives in St. Louis, MO. He has worked as an editor for The Chicago Sun-Times, Loyola University Press and Washington University in St. Louis. He has had poems published in or accepted by The Wisconsin Review, The Kansas Quarterly, The South Carolina Review, The Beloit Poetry Journal, Commonweal, Public Republic (Bulgaria), Gloom Cupboard (U.K.), Revival (Ireland), The Istanbul Literary Review (Turkey), Black-Listed Magazine, Opium 2.0, Calliope Nerve, Haggard and Halloo, Rusty Truck, Pirene’s Fountain (Australia) and other publications.