Volume 4, Issue 5 | May 2017 ISSN: 2395-2547

Editor's Desk

This issue's Cover Page is dedicated to the United Nations Global Road Safety Week which has been observed during May 8 - 14 this year. This year, the theme is speed and the Week focussed on several measures to reduce vehicle speed in order to avoid injuries and fatalties on roads. Some of the solutions include reforming road features to calm down traffic, enforcing speed limits, implementation of in-vehicle technologies and raising awareness. Much important information regarding speed management can be found at the official website of the UN Global Road Safety Week: 
However, without relying much on technologies and authorities, the best way to curb speed is by being careful and sensible. While still most people hesitate to use seat belts, there are many who ignore traffic signs and enjoy their joyrides. The teens and young find it a sport to cruise along the roads and highways with confidence of their experiences. But, experiences must not be always good. One bad move can ruin lives. Most importantly, these information must be passed on to people who take up driving young.
Rash driving can cause much damage to lives more than deaths. There are friends and kin who wait for you to reach home.
Wishing everyone a safe time ahead,
The Editor,