Volume 4, Issue 5 | May 2017 ISSN: 2395-2547

Grey Matters

- Manas Pratim Kashyap

Ques 1:

"God's Own Kitchen: The Inspiring Story of ............ - A Social Enterprise Run by Monks and CEOs" is a book authored by Rashmi Bansal. What is the book based on?


Ques 2:

Nuwara Eliya is a hill resort and a town in the central province of Sri Lanka. It is considered as the nation's tea production hub. One of the most famous attractions of the town is a temple which was supposedly built in the memory of X, who was kept prisoner in the temple. Who is X?


Ques 3:

Which song by Lata Mangeshkar was adapted by a Pakistani school as its school anthem?



Ques 4:

This is the presidential office building of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek. What is its name? 


Ques 5:

Before pursuing his current profession, he was selected for U-19 cricket trials to represent his country. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is also the youngest recipient of his nation's award for "highest degree of service to the state , and for services to international diplomacy". Identify the individual.



Ques 6:

Tweet by?


Ques 7:

Born in British India, he was the foreign secretary in-charge of India between 1884-95. Asia's oldest and world's third oldest football tournament is named after him. Also the international boundary between India and Afghanistan is named after him. Name him.



Ques 8:

In May 2014, Singtel introduced the world's first commercial "full-featured" .......... service in Singapore, only in combination with the Galaxy Note3, it was subsequently expanded to the other. Which standard of wireless communication is being talked about?



Ques 9:

Duan Yongping is a Chinese electrical engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is regarded as an innovative and inspiring business figure in mainland China. He heads the ..... group which markets smartphones under the brands Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus besides other products. Which group.?


Ques 10:

This dessert has a crisp crust, a light and soft inside, and is usually topped with fruits. It was created in honor of Russian ballet dancer ....... during one of her tours in Australia. Who is she? 


Manas Pratim Kashyap is pursuing B.Tech in Civil Engineering at Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar. He takes pleasure in drawing, quizzing, and cricket and is an ardent MUFC fan.
email: manaspkashyap@gmail.com