Volume 4, Issue 9 | September 2017 ISSN: 2395-2547

Inside the Box

Mission China: an encomium
- Parthapratim Goswami
In the thunders of a dark night a warrior jumps into a much awaited war; knocking his head constantly for five years, it has spurted out like a volcano- rages of vengeance finds its wings in the fire of love to burn Lama (Pabitra Rabha) and his fort into ashes… yes, as you have already guessed, I’m speaking of ‘Mission China’. Under the banner of I-creation Garima Saikia Garg produced the big budget Assamese movie in collaboration with Assamese musical heartthrob Zubeen Garg as director and the lead actor playing the role of ‘Colonal Goswami’ which has already created history by making a glorious business of 2.43 Crore in its first week Box Office Collection. This movie has driven Jollywood into its long gone routes of success, not only in terms of collection but also with respect to the zeal, love and momentum it has been able to bring forth to the industry.
Interestingly on 8th September, the birth date of legendary Bhupen Hazarika, ‘Mission China’ was released paying tribute to the music maestro in 55 theatres of Assam and many other theatres in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai having a remarkable 168 shows on its first day signalling the huge eagerness it had waved through the audience. This positive response from cine fans is vital taking into account the prolonged drowsiness in Assamese movie industry. It has created enormous possibility of furthermore big investments in Assamese films as we have heard the news that Bollywood’s ‘Desi Girl’ Priyanka Chopra’s production house is going to make a film with reputed Assamese filmmaker Jahnu Baruah. Such progressive effort is obviously expected from other production houses too. By releasing the Bengali version of ‘Mission China’ and working with renowned Bengali singer Nachiketa, Zubeen Da has stretched the thread of the cultural relationship between Assamese and Bengali music industries further.
Every person has his own perception and the way he looks into a thing is different from that of other people would interpret it. Here I’m pointing out some of the stuffs which I felt watching ‘Mission China’ in a fully packed cinema hall with the most energetic audience I’ve ever seen. Firstly, coming to the storyline of the movie I’ll say it’s a very fast running track where you have no time to look back. The flow of the story is good and also contains uniqueness providing the flavour of English movies but I think the flashback parts have become too brief to understand. Zubeen da said in an interview “If you want to get it fully you should watch it twice, even I didn’t understand it on the first time.” The shooting locations and video editing is quite good and sound track is also remarkable. Zubeen da’s singing is yes beyond any argument and yet again use of multilingual songs is a positive sign emphasizing the feel of the song in a particular situation rather than its language. But I think there was possibility to omit the Hindi item song ‘Raat Jwale’, though certain people may get attracted by it yet in every other film an item song has become a tradition and this movie turns out no exception. The movie casts ‘Lama’ as a terrorist and in all his conversations with ‘Colonel Goswami’ Hindi is used; some powerful Assamese dialogue may have been included there. Some people are repeatedly complaining about Hindi pronunciation of the artists, yes to use a language at its ultimate level of augmentation one need to concentrate on that part but being north eastern our accent can’t match with that of Bollywood stars; so in the movie it’s presented naturally, which is a good sign. The work of co-stars are also fantastic and the new faces have done justice to their respective characters.

Again the movie has been able to create waves in social networking site especially on Facebook where everybody is coming and sharing articles reviews, comments both in positive and critically. But here I must insist on the point that this movie, after a long break has created some hope in Assamese films, so before criticizing one should observe and analyse the emotion of Assamese people connected to it. Comparison is good but its very basis lies in the platform- it must be done on same grounds, one can’t simply give example of a big budget film like ‘Baahubali’ and start a tug of war. At last one must admit that this movie is phenomenal in all its attributes and tries to bring a tremendous revolution in Assamese movie industry.

Thanks a lot, Zubeen Da for all you have done, hoping for your new sensible endeavours to break through soon…

Partha Pratim Goswami is currently pursuing his B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering at NIT Silchar. He is fond of reading and writing poems and short prose. He has been regularly writing on Poemhunter.