Volume 4, Issue 9 | September 2017 ISSN: 2395-2547

Press Release

Dispur Barowari Puja Celebrates Platinum Jubilee

Dispur Barowari Puja belonging to the Ganeshguri-Dispur locality in Guwahati, India celebrated its 75 years of celebration this year. The Puja pandal was decorated in bamboo, one of the locally grown craft material unique to Assam. The interior designing of the pandal was skillfully performed on different types of bamboo. The Puja celebrations also installed two chief gates on either side of the pandal, marking its Platinum Jubilee. One of them paid tribute to the freedom fighters of Indian independence. Like every other year, this year too, the Puja Committee published its annual magazine titled 'Trinayani'. Having its content in Assamese, the magazine features articles on the spiritual and theological significance of the Durga Goddess apart from regular articles and poetry. "The celebration of the Durga Puja since 75 years is not just a spiritual or religious act, but a celebration of equality and prosperity in the society," said Mr. Ranjit Barman, the Secretary of the Puja celebration.