Volume 4, Issue 9 | September 2017 ISSN: 2395-2547

Words in Rhyme

Alone is The New Home
- Rajdeep Satta
Waking up to a smothering chamber
So distant, ye fail to retrace soon
Leer passing clouds sent no aid
Then, time flew from sun to moon.
The void so hollow it haunts oft,
Masked souls assay to breathe life
Thee early discern, contagious is their solace,
Makes ye confined with silence rife.
Living in a lie as faking own death
Kaleidoscopic glee all around 
If only the glow were a little real
I could run to thy laughter's sound.
Arrived at this bosom vicinity that,
Smells so much like stinking history
Alone is the new home as I call it
And begin weaving the empty glory.
Letters wrapped in dust inside closet
Secrecy remains buried six feet under
Just a chair less in the kitchen 
To ailment and grief I surrender.
Bring me home, I belong safe where 
Lenience on these tired stretched hands
Lest malice swallows a disarmed soul
Lest malice swallows a disarmed soul! 

The bearded lad in his mid-twenties keeps unfolding the crest of art and literature with avid   involvement in photo stories, articles and poetry besides holding a respected position of an IT Professional in Cognizant. He is a true passionate writer whose works are published in polkacafe.com and a few annual magazines. Not only he portrays his thoughts in black and white but also knits ocean deep stories through the camera lens. His works in photography have won him several awards and recognitions in city-wide exhibitions and nationwide competitions. He's also known as a 'Game bug'.