Volume 4, Issue 9 | September 2017 ISSN: 2395-2547

Words in Rhyme

The Wine of The Soul
- YuanHongri
(Translated into English by Yuanbing Zhang)
I woke up in a dream three million years ago
I am a giant living in a prehistoric Palace
The black of today is the white of yesterday and the red of tomorrow
My future is a huge platinum city
The heaven of east and west gods
there are my many outer space gardens
The rolls of the gobbledygook is my favourite
is my wine of the soul in the word

YuanHongri, Shandong Yanzhou, born in 1962, is a folk poet, specialized in works related to creation and nature. He has works referring to the "New World", "Ocean" "Autumn" in Taiwan, Switzerland contemporary Chinese poetry. His representative works include long poems like "Platinum City", "Golden City", "The Golden Paradise", "Golden Paradise" and "Transparent Man and a Woman".