Volume 5, Issue 1 | January 2018 ISSN: 2395-2547

Editor's Desk

I am glad to write the editorial of the inaugural issue of the fifth volume of Guwahatian. The journey has been wonderful so far; enthusiasts have remained dedicated to the objective of promoting creativity and integrating art and literature from all over the globe. As the magazine starts a new year, I take this opportunity to thank all the contributors for their valuable contributions in the form of prose, poetry, art, photography and much more.
This issue's Cover Page is dedicated to the cultural sphere of Assam, the place from where this magazine originates. As colourful are the attire, so colourful are its people. The land of Srimanta Sankardeva fills one's minds with purity and spirit of nature. The mighty Brahmaputra flows through the heart of the land, bearing civilizations on its either side, and remembering the Battle of Saraighat and its undying heroes. The dances and food of the various tribes of the land are gifts to the people, which they patronize with love and care in the form of Bihu, the national festival. Amidst pomp and joy, people pray for the goodwill and crops during the festival, and exchange greetings.
In this issue, I too wish everyone good life, good food, good culture and a happy reading. Keep reading the magazine, and keep supporting us. Below is a picture of our first Cover Page to mark this anniversary.
The Editor,