Volume 5, Issue 2 | February-March 2018 ISSN: 2395-2547

Editor's Desk

This issue of Guwahatian is dedicated to the beauty of Northeast India. The Cover cites the Unakoti Hills located in the state of Tripura. The term 'Unakoti' means one less than a crore. The site is a celebration of the worship of Lord Shiva, and has many rock and stone carvings dedicated to Hindu gods. These works of marvel date back to the tenth century or before. It is believed that Lord Shiva rested at this location for a night while travelling to Kashi. 
The Indian subcontinent is a land of epics and tales, each one of them as insteresting as the other. Although we enjoy and preserve these stories, it is quite interesting to think of the one who actually narrated it or passed down from generation to the other. The epics, for example, pose a simple question to the world. How can one manage an outline of so many characters and  warriors, all with different designs of behaviour, filled with minutest of all details and pouring in the characters through words in text? No matter whether they were composed by one individual or generations of people or many individuals under the same pseudonym, it must have required the intelligence to visualize the strands that connected them and compile these under objectives of teachings.
The richness of this country lies not in its list of scriptures and epics it has. Being just proud of having them is not sufficient, but bearing their wisdom to lead our lives is what matters the most. It is interesting again, that how a spot of historical significance can lead to webs of editorial thoughts, isn't it?
Wishing you a happy reading,
The Editor,