Volume 5, Issue 2 | February-March 2018 ISSN: 2395-2547

Words in Rhyme

A Storm To Remember
- Rajdeep Satta
A meadow, I’m being materialised in 
Aided by death winds on shadowed morning
Life, I couldn’t see at the distance 
But smoke that bayed from factory chimneys.
Name thee hold, roots very day 
I hear it now and then
At loss, where you have been.
Smoky clouds flew from west
Ready, bursting rain of so much dismay it held
Not petrichor but odour of blood emanated
Blotting aground screaming red
A sudden laughter echoed 
Like it already subdued the rolling thunder
Figure of messy hair ran past I,
Dissolved and appeared often 
Bewildered I, searched restless
Making way, countered leaves in the wind
Darkness died and sun then was born
Rays they hit me, brought to where I dwelt. 
Turned I to find a red beaded anklet lying beside 
For was real and lost, ran I seeking it belonged to. 

The bearded lad in his mid-twenties keeps unfolding the crest of art and literature with avid   involvement in photo stories, articles and poetry besides holding a respected position of an IT Professional in Cognizant. He is a true passionate writer whose works are published in polkacafe.com and a few annual magazines. Not only he portrays his thoughts in black and white but also knits ocean deep stories through the camera lens. His works in photography have won him several awards and recognitions in city-wide exhibitions and nationwide competitions. He's also known as a 'Game bug'.