Volume 5, Issue 3 | April 2018 ISSN: 2395-2547

Grey Matters

Spring Festivals
- Manas Pratim Kashyap

Ques 1:

Burning of the Böögg (a snowman made with explosives) is related to which festival?


Ques 2:

Hanami is a festival in Japan celebrated annually to mark the blossoming of which sepcific flower?


Ques 3:

This traditional new year festival of Thailand derives its name from Sanskrit word 'sankranta'. Name it.


Ques 4:

Semana Santa is a festival native to which place?


Ques 5:

The drowning of the Marzanna, a doll of straw to mark the end of winter is unique to which spring celebration?


Ques 6:

Which event is the only of its kind celebrated with bulb flowers like hyacinths, tulips and daffodils?


Ques 7:

This old festival named 'Whuppity Scoorie' involves children running around the town's bell, known as the Kirk, after which it is rung at 6 PM after 6 months of silence during the winter. Name the country.


Ques 8:

This festival is celebrated every March, starts with processions to honour Saint Joseph and ends with burning satirical figures made of paper and firecrackers. Name the festival and the country. 


Ques 9:

Which central Asian country plays the sport of goat dragging in which horsemen drag a goat carcass and attempts to score goals by placing it in the opponent's goal?


Ques 10:

Uzbekistan's new year holiday falls on March 21 every year. What is it called?


Manas Pratim Kashyap is pursuing B.Tech in Civil Engineering at Central Institute of Technology, Kokrajhar. He takes pleasure in drawing, quizzing, and cricket and is an ardent MUFC fan.
email: manaspkashyap@gmail.com