Volume 5, Issue 5 | November 2018 ISSN: 2395-2547

Editor's Desk

Kishore Giri: the man with the guitar who left more lessons for us than the textbooks!
This issue is dedicated to Late Kishore Giri, a human being in the truest of senses. For those who haven't come across this name, he was a music director from Assam, who directed music in Assamese cinema and TV serials. However, his messages for the people were for what he shall be remembered more. He would walk alone in the streets of Guwahati carrying a guitar and a placard containing messages for the people in days of chaos or disturbing events in the state or country. He chose not to depend on a huge mass for protests or marches, and walked alone, carrying the voices of many. 
Guwahatian salutes the immortal soul in this issue, and urges the people of the country to not indulge in violent activities and live in harmony. May this editorial be short and the Cover speak more than the words!
Have a pleasant reading.
The Editor, Guwahatian