Volume 5, Issue 5 | November 2018 ISSN: 2395-2547

Inside the Box

Sense of Grooming
- P J Thakuria

There has been a saying in HINDI, “Jo Dikhta Hain, Wohi Bikta Hain” – means, “What you show is only sold”. A man is judged by the look he carries. How you dress, how you stand, how you talk and how you behave or respond – matter a lot. In a crowd, many stand together, but, only a few are noticed or marked at first sight. Why?

Among the above questions, the first is – How you dress? This is a very tricky question, rather, it is very vital to dress yourself up in a very very right way. The sense to dress up in a rightful way matters a lot, as people will notice or judge you by your dress – what you wear, how you wear. Many a time, it has been observed that people wear a combination of dresses, without the knowledge of combining them with one another. For example, putting on a jeans pant along with a neck tie; wearing suit along with a pair of sports/casual shoes, a casual shirt of party wear with a formal suit, etc.

Given below are some of the tips of how to dress up. Hope you will find it useful!

Tips :

1. Never wear a jeans pant clubbed with neck tie.

2. Never wear sports/casual shoes with a suit.

3. A black suit is always to be matched with a black pair of formal shoes.

4. The colour of the socks is always to be matched with the colour of the dress you put on. It should not be a contrast.

5. While choosing a belt, one must consider its colour, size and look. While wearing a formal attire, the belt is to be a slim and decent looking one, with a matching colour. While, wearing a party wear, preferably with Jeans etc., the belt needs to be little wider or a fancy one.

6. Avoid leather jackets in a formal or official get-together.

7. Never use a P-Cap (a cap with a sun-shed) with a Suit.

How you stand : It is also a matter of fact that though well dressed, you might be criticized or ignored. Why? Due to your standing style. I have personally seen many people who come to a get together in a rightfully worn attire, yet they are ignored or un-noticed. They do not know to stand; stand properly.

  • Stand smartly.
  • Do not keep your hands inside pockets. You may keep your hands to your back.
  • Avoid crossing your hands on your chest and stand.
  • Do not lean on anything, rather sit somewhere.
  • Do not bite nails (this is too much!!!)
  • Do not cross your legs while standing.
  • Do not wipe off your face with bare hands. Always use your handkerchief.


P J Thakuria is an employee of Birla Education Trust, Pilani, Rajasthan. He has been a professional musician and keeps interest in writing.