Volume 6, Issue 4 | May 2019 ISSN: 2395-2547
About us

Guwahatian- an e-magazine from Guwahati is a baby-outcome of GuwahatiCity.in- a registered society. GuwahatiCity.in was established with a vision of working for positive development of the country with a focus on the state of Assam and North-East India. We decided to start our journey from our home-city, our beloved Guwahati. So, the idea of forming an e-magazine came up to us.

  However, we kept our objectives simple. The chief objective always was to allot top priority to young writers, cooks, painters, photographers and contributors for the development of their capabilities and skills and provide them a platform. Guwahatian shall always work with this objective in view. There is always a first time for anyone. No matter whether he writes well or worse, there must be someone to guide them, and offer them a platform. Guwahatian provides that first time to a budding artist, be he a writer or a painter or a photographer. If we find that his contribution is worth publishing with minor revisions or major revisions in case of brighter ideas, we do the proof reads, point out the errors and encourage him to resubmit. The levels of correction go on until the perfect and desired stage is reached. This way we feel that we help the youth to cultivate their passions and grow upon them. If there’s none to be a friend, then who will you call a friend? This is the simple reason why we call submissions on any theme, topic or subject. If someone has the skill of drawing objects on a marble plate with stones, we will include that too. No talent should go into waste by sheer ignorance.

  We work on a double-tier form of an organized team. At one level rests the President, Secretary, the Editor, the Web-Master and the Cover Designer, whereas on the other hand stay the contributors. The Editor bridges the two levels of structure. Now coming to the team, we are a group of guerillas who work when pleased and sleep when it is 20 degree celsius on a February noon, but we are sure to work when it is 20th of every month so that we get ready with the next issue. Anyone who isn't drunk can submit an article to Guwahatian- we support no distribution of violent drug writing within a 20 mile radius of a literary or cultural institution. Issued in public interest.

   Does the name Guwahatian imply quota for people from Guwahati? We do not follow any reservation system. Even a man or a kid from the distant Caribbean or from the next good planet Mars can submit a piece to this e-magazine. We would love to publish them. The name Guwahatian is only indicative of a beautiful baby city growing to be a metro. We are a small part of this online metro city.